Who Are We?

The Office of Professional Standards is an office of the Department of Public Safety charged with a variety of tasks, including

Axton "Gerd" Genesis
Assistant Chief, for Internal Affairs


Justice Research Institute

The Justice Research Institute is a specially trained team of Liberty State Legal Experts within OPS. This team thoroughly studies the Liberty County Penal Code and DPS and DOC Policies. The JRI is a sub-component of the Genesis Public Policy Center.

Genesis Public Policy Center

The Genesis Public Policy Center creates and maintains policies, regulations, and handbooks within Liberty State, primarily the DPS Officer Guidebook and Policies and the Liberty State Penal Code.

Internal Affairs Branch

The Internal Affairs Branch is a branch of the Office of Professional Standards. It consists of specially trained agents who monitor, investigate, and punish officer misconduct, as well as enforce the Liberty State Penal Code upon officers, specifically (4)15, (4)16, and (4)17.